1. Prayer Ministry

Facade of church of the Franciscan Handmaids

Pray as Jesus taught his disciples.

Our life is centered on the Holy Eucharist. It is the Sacrament of Unity and Transformation.

We constantly pray as Jesus taught his disciples for each other, for the grace of self-transformation, renewal of neighbor, the Church, our Society, for Victims of Injustice and for peace and justice in our broken world. (Luke: 11:1-13)

Eucharistic adoration is the center of our ministries.

We focus mainly on the promotion of Caltholic social justice teaching, youth evagalization and healing missions, Education of the Young and feeding the need.

Healing Services are provided for the people of God where the Holy Spirit freely grants both Spiritual, natural and physical healing to those who ask with faith. We receive for the asking. (Luke: 11:1-13) Come experience our special ministry where Faith, Nature and Science meet.

We have a firm belief with experience that Prayer works miracles and ardent adoration of the Blessed Sacrament has power to heal wounds.

Lift all your needs in prayer by sending names of the sick and  victims of injustice with your prayer request to our community. We will pray for them and you will experience our God. (Matthew 7:7-12)

Request for our prayer cards. Mass and prayers is offered to you and your love one’s on specific dates.

 Social Justice and Pastoral Care Ministry

  1. Youth and young adult vocation: evangelization  – vocational/ career for economic justice.
  2. Natural wellness, healing and palliative care Ministry for HIV/AIDS
  3. Early childhood education & development (baby college)
  4. Food pantry and host distribution.
  5. Pastoral care, chaplains for homes, hospital and hospice
  6. Peace Building vocation/ministry as Arbitrators, Counselors and pastoral care givers for families, migrants, special groups, communities and global society.

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