Virgin of the Globe

Our Principal Patron is the Virgin of the Globe

As a community in the process of revitalization, our main focus is Spiritual Renewal and Youth Evangelization.

New Candidates and Postulants will embark on a discernment process at the Most Pure Heart of Mary Convent in Staten Island, New York, or at the Caritas in Veritate House in Sacramento. Aspirants and candidates will discern whether they have a vocation to Social Justice before admission. We provide a personalized discernment workshop for each aspirant and potential candidate. Admission is based on the candidate’s passion for Social Justice and a desire for the Spiritual Renewal of self, family, Church and Society.

Admission Requirements: College Students, college graduates or professionals, 20 to 45 years old, single women willing to opt for courageous and generous engagement in Christ-Centered Social Justice Service in the Church.

Ethnicity : People from all tribes and nations to model a multicultural Community under Christ.

Witness: To witness that Jesus came for all people in Spirit and in truth through Gospel living.

Ministry Focus — Youth Evangelazation: (teens and young adults)

  1. Spiritual renewal — we sponsor youth to World Youth Day (WYD) and other spiritual pilgrimage. Encourage youth to encounter christ throught the scriture and participation in parish invlovments.
  2. Education – Supporting the one million high schools dropouts and unchurched youth nationwide to acquire a basic General Education diploma, skill acquisition and encouraging them back to the Church.
  3. Empowering – Youths to radical faith in the church


(To restore the right to education and a healthy future to youth who feel discouraged, abandoned or who have fallen through the cracks)

  1. Inquiry: Through telephone 646-672-0447 or 718 227- 5575 – The Vocation Team
  2. By e-mail :
  3. “Come and See” Period: Aspirants are invited to spend a one to four week period of Discernment at the Most Pure Heart of Mary Convent (our Social Justice Vocation discernment House) in Staten Island New York.
  4. Apply to join us after period of discernment: This is optional.
  5. Candidacy/Postulancy: Period of 6 months to 2 years; case-by-case evaluation
  6. Novitiate: Two-year period of formation
  7. Temporary vows with commitment to Social Justice: In communion with Mother Church for five to seven years
  8. Final Vows or Incorporated Commitment


Vision Statement

Renewed as a multicultural community with passion for social justice and pastoral care, serving God’s mission in all world continents as Franciscan Sisters rooted and nourished in Christ and on fire with the spirit we dream, explore and take risks together as Gods instrument faithful to Christ and its church we participate in transforming our society and commit ourselves in unity to living the gospel intercultural.

We reach out to the people on the margins of society and church, especially youths and migrants.


Come, Taste and See that the Lord is Good


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