An Urgent VOCATION Call!!!

A Stirring Challenge with a Daring Response to the “New Evangelization”

Franciscan Handmaids of Mary

One of our novices

Centered in the Holy Eucharist, we strive to observe faithfully the Holy Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The promotion of the Catholic Social Justice Principles is at the forefront of our Charism.  Caritas in Veritate of Pope Benedict XVI is the driving force behind our “New Evangelization and Revitalization” Young or Mature adults willing to opt for a courageous and generous engagement in the Spiritual field of Social Justice with commitment to Youth Ministry are invited to join the community.

There are three ways to join us:

  1. Join the FHM Community
  2. Become an FHM Lay Associate
  3. Become a Caritas in Veritate Missionary

FHM Community (Franciscan Handmaids of Mary)

A Religious order of vowed women founded in 1916 for the education and evangelization of colored people. Today we are a multicultural community with a Social Justice Mission.


We envision a multicultural community, whose life is centered, renewed and transformed by the Holy Eucharist. We also believe:


The rule and life of the Members is to observe the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Centered in the Holy Eucharist, the areas of formation include:

Members are holistically prepared to face the world and defend their faith.

Caritas in Veritate Missionaries (CVM) (Missionaries for Social Justice) NEW!

An organization of pious women, both young and mature adults with enthusiasm for a God-centered social justice ministry and moral education.

Evangelical Counsel: Commitment to serve  victims of injustice. Pledge fidelity to holy mother Church and commitment to the Constitution. Exodus 23:20-23.

Community Life: Live in community or a common house.

Age Requirement: Individually based.

Habit: May or may not wear a common habit according to the Constitution.

Mission: Promotion of Catholic social justice teaching, a God-centered social justice based on Caritas in Veritate.

Membership: People of all races and cultures.

Formation: Five years from entrance to Commitment. Maintain high moral principles. Annual renewal of Commitment.

Property: Members may acquire, possess, administer and dispose of temporal goods.


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